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Solskogen 2020 Logo Competition

Against my better judgement, FuZion! and myself entered the Logos competition at the Solskogen Party 2020.

I’m not great at this shit, but I was playing around trying to render a logo for four hours over a few days, waiting for inspiration to strike, but it was more of a ‘oh fuck the deadline is in an hour… fuck it that will do’ moment.

My aim was not to become last.

The entries flashed up on the livestream and then mine appeared, it got good comments until someone said something along the lines of ‘we do animation now?’ It was probably at that moment I knew it wasn’t going to go well, and the benefit of hindsight, I think I entered the wrong competition, should have been the wildcard one which I think would have been more appropriate, so it wasn’t a static image.

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