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Seeing is Believing font rebuild

It’s been a long time since I quit the Amiga, way back in the mid 1990’s, but unlike the rest of my memory, I can remember a hell of a lot of Amiga shit, sadly not 680×0 coding but something is better than nothing.

But this font from Anarchy’s Seeing is Believing demo has always stuck in my mind. I’ve used it on a lot of web sites, and wrote a JS script to replace any H2 tag with png images of each letter. Completely useless.

But I’ve always wanted to use the font somewhere properly, but this is were again size matters.

This font is so smalled on 720/1080 resolution that it’s not really viable unless you make it bigger, and well what idiot would spend hours doing that huh.

Er, well I would. Well there was fuck all else to do in early 2020 with the lockdown, so fuck it.

I doubled the size and created the outlines of the fonts, and updated the shades of RGB to something better. And that’s pretty much where I left it, I probably wouldn’t use all three but find some other texture to do instead, but here it is anyway.

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