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Phenomena Enigma font

A little bored today, so decided to do something I’ve been meaning to do since 1991.

I love Phenomena’s Enigma demo, especially the music which I have five different remixes of and it’s not unheard of to listen to it all day while working from home.

There are some superb graphics as well by Uno of Scoopex, many of which I’ve tried to replicate in the past in Adobe Photoshop. But it was always the end screen font by Terminator of Phenomena that bugged me. Because it’s in medium resolution, the pixels are twice as high as they are wide, so when you rip it and try and use it, it looks like this:

Well that’s shit isn’t it.

So with too much time on my hands, I took that image and started to rebuild it for my uses.

Just stretching the image just makes it look incredibly blocky, so it was a manual process of redrawing a few characters and copy and pasting them onto the others, until I was moderately happy.

I’ve rearranged the characters to be in ASCII order, but moderately happy with it.

Not sure it was worth the 29 year wait and hour or so of work it took, but sure I can use it somewhere.

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