After three years of trying, Neokortex finally get a Christmas intro out the door!

This one was started in October 2020, after a none to subtle hint from Fuzion 🙂 The design came pretty quickly, I’ve always liked the Bones Goes Home part of the Predators Megademo from 1989, so thinking I could do that, I got started.

‘Bones Goes Home’ from Predators Megademo

What I forgot is that I can’t draw for shit, so having this grand idea of multiple layers of parallax scrolling wasn’t looking such a great idea. I went for simplicity with the cartoon styling and flat colours. The colour palette leaves a little to be desired, and that little bastard snowman… really loathed drawing it.

And I lost count of how many times I redrew snow, trees, houses, mountains and fucking clouds! Even resorted to asking the wife’s opinion as she’s a little arty farty in that department.

The intro in Photoshop. Not many layers

The snow from the intro was supposed to carry over but it kept breaking 50ms drawing limit so skipped that part.

You can view the final version here.

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