After three years of trying, Neokortex finally get a Christmas intro out the door! This one was started in October 2020, after a none to subtle hint from Fuzion 🙂 The design came pretty quickly, I’ve always liked the Bones Goes Home part of the Predators Megademo from 1989, so thinking I could do that,…

Reward of Scoopex R.I.P

Read this on a Facebook group and couldn’t believe it, hit me quite hard even though I never had any communication of any kind at all with the man. Hard to put in context the impression he made on me, but suffice to say that Mental Hangover was draw dropping on first view. Not just…

Phenomena Enigma font

A little bored today, so decided to do something I’ve been meaning to do since 1991. I love Phenomena’s Enigma demo, especially the music which I have five different remixes of and it’s not unheard of to listen to it all day while working from home. There are some superb graphics as well by Uno…

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Working from home

Day one of working from home. Couple hours in and already clock watching, never thought I’d say it but I’m missing my colleagues. Thankfully I have Amiga demos running on my Mac to keep ears occupied at least.