Neokortex is a small collective of retro-computing fanatics, featuring the laziest coders, uninspired graphic artists and one hyperactive over enthusiastic ASCII artist.

We do this for shits and giggles.

Self-portrait LOL

So how did I get into this shit. Well let’s go back a few years…

ZX Spectrum

After getting my first computer at the age of 12, primarily as a way of shutting me up and out of trouble, I bored of the games quickly and starting programming. After reaching the limitations of BASIC, I moved on to Assembler code. Back in the early 80’s, there were no resources to learn so had to send off a few quid to those dodgy looking adverts in the back of computer magazines for print outs of code from other people.

Acorn Electron

This piece of shit was a mistake. I learnt to program BBC computers at school and spent many an hour in the evenings doing vector objects to emulate the objects in Elite. I managed a 3D dot ball thanks to my maths teacher to helped me with the maths, where I learnt what sine and cosine could do. I thought this was so cool, I sold the Speccy and got one of these. Didn’t last long, although the version of Football Manager on the Electron was brilliant. And a nice keyboard.

Commodore 64

I got meself a Commodore 64 in about 1985 or 1986 when I went to a mates house and started played Ghost & Goblins and Green Beret. Again the novelty wore off quickly and I started learning the 6510 programming and lovely the SID chip, though I have no shred of musicality. At all.

Commodore Amiga 500/1200/4000

1987 was remarkable for two reasons. One, I left high school with not one qualification whatsoever. Two, I bought a brand new Amiga 500, it came with Feud and some other peice of shit I can’t remember. But it did come with Deluxe Paint, and then the fun started, but like my musical abilities I mentioned above… I can’t draw for shit.


When the Amiga scene started going 3D, I sort of gave up on the whole thing. So after contributing graphics and articles for Grapevine and Deadlock, I left the Amiga and bought a PC.

I started learning C++ and a little MASM but after so long spending night after night doing crappy effects, I lost interested. A few years later I met my now wife, so it all drifted away from me a little. I still played around but PC demos bore me.


And now we come to the dark times of my life, doing web shites.

It was more of an accident than anything else, just started with HTML and gradually built up to PHP, writing ecommerce sites from scratch and CMS development.

Around 2003, I bumped into FuZioN, somewhere. I have no memory of how that happened and so we started playing around with ideas and writing a few productions for a group whose name shall never be repeated.

That petered out and I disappeared for a few more years before resurfacing and started fucking around with CodeF and ThreeJS. Before I knew it, we had a shitload of productions on the go