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Neokortex is a small collective of retro-computing fanatics, featuring the laziest coders, uninspired graphic artists and one hyperactive over enthusiastic ASCII artist.

We do this for shits and giggles.

Self-portrait LOL

So how did I get into this shit. Well let’s go back a few years…

ZX Spectrum

After getting my first computer at the age of 12, primarily as a way of shutting me up and out of trouble, I bored of the games quickly and starting programming. After reaching the limitations of BASIC, I moved on to Assembler code. Back in the early 80’s, there were no resources to learn so had to send off a few quid to those dodgy looking adverts in the back of computer magazines for print outs of code from other people.

Commodore 64

Acorn Electron

Commodore Amiga 500/1200/4000



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