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Crappy coder and below average graphics artist who entertains himself in his old age by reliving early “triumphs” the late 80’s early 90’s *

* (Shows how crap life has been since then!)

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The Retro32 BBS is driven by the Amiga community, for the Amiga community. It is focused on bringing BBS to the old-school Amiga users looking for that modern-day nostalgia and people who never got the chance to experience a BBS back in the day.

I left school in 1987 with no qualifications, I was a dropout basically. I went to a training facility and they asked me what I wanted to. I said I wanted to be a computer programmer since I was already self-taught in multiple languages.

My arse of tutor said:

“You’ll !NEVER! be a computer programmer!”

Well fuck you Tony Ascombe for thinking my future involved Wordstar, Supercalc and DBase.

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